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supermarket ABC is the brainchild of Aleksander Ryzinski

A Southern Polish Pioneer who has had this dream all of his life to grow is very own supermarket chain.

Beginning in Maindee Newport Aleksander has surprised everybody inside the location along with his vision and concept's , the store has in reality brought new life into the region, in conjunction with constant flow of different new companies in the vicinity starting lately, Maindee now has pretty a diverse and thrilling experience

around it, with more business entering the place you get the sensation we could well get back to the best old days. 

The grocery store has a large choice of products of a European nature, specialising in natural ingredients, plus a variety of your traditional UK weekly stores like Heinze Beans, Tate & Lyle Sugar, and Braces bread.


we're positive you like what you see and all are is welcome, we have a taste before you buy cold meat and cheese counter and a good amount excellent offers, call in and say hello, we would love to meet you.

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